Community Spirit

Illuminate Group continues to work towards playing a larger part in the community and provides many opportunities for their staff to also play an active role in charitable associations.

At Illuminate Group, all staff are given an additional 4 days of paid leave per year called "Community Days". The purpose of the community days is for Illuminate Group's staff to volunteer at organisations or community groups who need a helping hand.


Four Illuminate Group staff members are participating in this years OXFAM trailwalker in the hopes of raising $6,000 for those who do not have clean food or water available to them. Bianca, Neville, Kailah and John will be walking 100km in under 48 hours in October and have been using their community days to train for the event. To help them reach their goal you can visit their OXFAM webpage below

Court Welfare

In addition to the charitable donations and events, Illuminate Group also has a staff member volunteer for Court Welfare services to provide their services on a weekly basis to help the legal aid process which is made possible by Illuminate Group and their community paid leave program.


Staff have also provided their expertise as a volunteer for the PEAC program (Primary Extension and Academic Challenge Service). This allowed a staff member to volunteer and provide a workshop to primary aged children who are recognised as academically gifted, and in turn, contribute to a great organisation which provides additional learning techniques and unique areas of study to children.


Telecross is a service provided by the Australian Red Cross and provides peace of mind to elderly who are isolated through a daily phone call to check on their wellbeing and safety. A staff member at Illuminate Group has been actively involved in this service for 8 years, with Iluminate Group working towards recruiting more staff to assist in this service.