"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

Learning and Development Courses

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  • Module 1 - Influential Leadership
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    2 Days
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    Forbes magazine reported that self-awareness has been cited as a key attribute to determine success and organisational profitability.

    Participants will discover how the lens we look through colours and shapes our behaviour and hides useful actions we could take. We also share tools to allow participants to change their view of situations and achieve greater personal results when relating to others and tasks at hand.

    We address how participants can reclaim their own sense of autonomy over their circumstances and apply new thinking to greater affect their work and personal lives. Participants will gain an understanding of the levers and drivers people have to collaborate and how to encourage people to work together.


    What skills will I gain?

    • Understand the four levels of emotional intelligence

    • Ability to use self-awareness techniques in the workplace

    • Identify thoughts that determine helpful and unhelpful behaviours

    • Manage these triggers in an adult manner

    • Develop the ability to challenge staff on unhelpful behaviours effectively

    • Implement a plan to lead basic behavioural changes

    • Develop an ability to regulate emotions

    • An awareness of the different levels of Empathy

    • An understanding of how to create Psychological Safety

    • Encourage collaboration through relationship management techniques

    • Implement changes in the workplace as a direct result of the learning

    What does it cover?

    • The biology of the brain and how this links to human behaviour

    • The psychology of control in the brain

    • New tools which can be applied to control emotions

    • Strategies and take home activities to continually build personal resilience

    • Psychological Safety and the link to workplace performance

    • How to identify and mitigate the fight or flight response

    necessary skill required for people and businesses to succeed. Over time it has been viewed as “soft and fluffy stuff”, however, now the research shows it has hard consequences.

    This program is grounded in contemporary neuroscience and psychology to help participants develop and explore their emotional intelligence and apply it at work. This discipline provides a context for each module of the program.

  • Module 2 - Business Planning
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    Course Duration
    2 Days
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    For organisations to execute a compelling and inspiring vision, there needs to be a strategy, detailed plan and framework to socialise the message throughout each level of the operation.

    In this module, participants go from idea to implantation and use tools to cascade the message throughout the organisation. It focuses on the biases which skew our decision-making abilities and how we can be aware of and mitigate them.


     What skills will I gain?

    • Clarity over discerning new business streams and opportunities
    • Understanding how to plan a vision into reality
    • Risk identification and mitigation strategies
    • Understand the critical importance of sound decision-making
    • Evaluate personal bias and how it affects decision-making
    • Identify key areas to improve in the decision making process
    • Develop new strategies to mitigate bias and make balanced decisions

    What does it cover?

    • How to uncover and map out business growth areas or new business ideas
    • How to measure four key types of organisational performance
    • How to develop plans and structures to break the organisational goals down
    • How to plan around risks
    • How to write and implement KPIs
    • The biology of the brain and how biases are formed
    • Practical tools to apply and mitigate biases
    • Tools to assist with making more objective decisions

  • Module 3 - Building Exceptional Teams
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    Course Duration
    3 Days
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    Cohesive teams collaborate, support each other and innovate to achieve results. This can only be built on a foundation of trust and psychological safety.

    This module tackles the research behind developing exceptional teams. We use this as a grounding for exploring tools and skills to engage and motivate our teams to rocket group performance as well as how to have valuable conversations which may, at times, feel challenging.


    What skills will I gain?

    • How to work collaboratively with others
    • How to ask powerful questions to inspire behavioural change
    • How to achieve results through coaching
    • How to facilitate new ways for people to learn
    • A structures to create peer accountability and teams operating independently
    • An understanding of the biological relationship between trust and team performance
    • The ability to link helpful behaviour to personal attributes which reinforce positive behaviours
    • Understanding the context of how we can change people’s behaviour by the environment we create around them
    • Confidence in using contemporary feedback methodologies
    • An understanding of the personal barriers that get in the way of effectively delivering change
    • Understanding of the phases of change people go through and emotions they may experience during times of change

    What does it cover?

    • Different modes we use to communicate with others
    • Strategies to increase trust
    • Skills and attributes required for coaching
    • Active listening and questioning techniques
    • The steps to coach effectively 
    • The phases of change people go through and emotions they may experience during times of change
    • Application of a model to assist in moving people through each of these stages
    • Activities and discussion pieces to increase teamwork
    • The research behind why traditional feedback methods can be ineffective and unhelpful
    • How to give praise that is meaningful and positively reinforce desired behaviour

  • Module 4 - Continuous and Never Ending Improvement
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    Course Duration
    1 Day
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    Ahead of Emotional Intelligence were the skills of problem solving, critical thinking and creativity cited as the most crucial skills for people and businesses to succeed. This session looks at new ways to develop these skills.

    We are in the age of imagination, which means the ability to be creative and leverage our thinking are success and revenue driving qualities. During the industrial age we valued speed of production, in the imagination age, the quality of our conversations and thinking are the intangible and valuable commodities.


    What does it cover?

    • How to apply a mind-set focused on continuous improvement
    • Tools to shift our mind-set to thrive in the landscape of 2020
    • The neuroscience behind out of the box thinking
    • The commercial benefit of innovation
    • Strategies to encourage insights
    • The background behind why new thinking leads to success
    • Take away tools which can be used back in the workplace


    What skills will I gain?

    • An understanding of the political, social, generational and economic landscape that exists in 2019
    • The skills and attributes required to navigate this landscape and be successful
    • Knowledge of what categorises a learning mind-set and why this achieves results
    • How to leverage this mind-set personally and encourage a learning mind-set in others
    • How to keep it fresh and avoid groupthink
    • How to involve people in creative idea sharing
    • A new perspective on how to encourage unique thinking
    • Tools to implement back in the workplace