Our History

Our organisation began over 9 years ago as a registered training organisation (RTO). Initially we were called RTO Solutions and we delivered purely vocational based training to the Western Australian industry.

In 2011 RTO Solutions changed hands and with this came a change in organisational direction. The vision of the new owners was to build an organisation that could design and deliver contemporary leaderships programs by applying the latest research in neuroscience and psychology.

Between 2011 and 2015 the organisation gained a reputation for delivering outstanding leadership solutions that changed people’s lives by creating light bulb moments. Moments that make people think, feel and behave differently. Creating light bulb moments became the organisation’s mantra and we began to refer to ourselves as Illuminate Group.

In 2015 Illuminate Group formed a joint-venture with a team of likeminded management consultants and created a new organisation called illuminate+. illuminate+ enables Illuminate Group to deliver an integrated solution that combines contemporary management consulting solutions with outstanding leadership development programs.

As of today the group of companies is able to provide vocational training through RTO Industrial Solutions, Leadership Development through Illuminate Group and Management Consulting solutions through illuminate+.

The group provide a seamless customer experience and have a commonality of purpose focused on enabling people and organisations to achieve their potential.