Illuminate group utilises state of the art testing programs to provide you with critical profiling information.


Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT™) evaluates Emotional Intelligence (EI) through a series of objective and impersonal questions.


It is a misconception that Emotional intelligence is the soft stuff and it can’t be measured, MSCEIT is a competency assessment of Emotional Intelligence skills!Psychometrics


The test results and debrief give you a clear understanding of development opportunities and HOW Emotional Intelligence impacts your career and relationships!



Have you ever felt yourself overwhelmed by the complexity of a challenge that you are faced with, or have you found yourself frustrated by a situations where you can see multiple pathways but your colleagues just don’t seem to be getting it. Have you tried to deal with a challenge using multiple tools and processes or by learning new skills – yet it still seems to be stuck? If you answer yes to any of these challenges, then you may be encountering a Leadership Maturity Challenge.

A Leadership Maturity Challenge exists when the way that you see and make sense of a situation, (which determines what actions you are able to take) is mismatched to the complexity of the situation that you are dealing with.

Traditional development has suggested that to be more effective we develop new knowledge skills and abilities. This could be described as HORIZONTAL development and can be compared to adding extra functionality to a computers internal operating system. But what if the “operating system” has reached its maximum capacity – in this situation adding more more functions or application actually slows the whole system down. In these situations we “upgrade” the whole system – this is what we describe as VERTICAL development.

Just like with our computer – we often don’t know that we need an upgrade until things stop working or the system slows down, but you don’t need to wait for that to happen.

Measuring your stage of development through the Leadership Maturity Profile will give you an immediate understanding of which of the 7 adult developmental stages you are operating from, giving you a powerful new context that will help you to:

– Leverage the strengths of your current stage to optimise performance

– Optimise the strengths and capacities of your team/organisation

– See the limitations of your stage, identify your growing edge and select the best matched horizontal and vertical development opportunities.

Leadership maturity and Vertical development have been described as the #1 growing trend in leadership development and critical for responding effectively to complex and adaptive business challenges.

At the Illuminate Group we offer Leadership Maturity Profiling and developmentally informed coaching which supports people engage in the often difficult transformational process of moving vertically from one development stage to the next.

DISC Advanced is the most advanced, most accurate, most detailed, most reliable, and has the most flexibility.

DISC ADVANCED® measures emotions, stress levels, uncertainty of job role, insecurity, frustration, pressure to change etc. and unlike other profiles that are personality tests adapted to the workplace, it was created from the ground up for the workplace.