"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

BSB51918 - Diploma in Leadership and Management

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665 Nominal hours
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The Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918) professional program at Illuminate Group is grounded in our philosophy which is ‘we believe in creating light bulb moments to make people think, feel and behave in order to achieve business results’. It provides a more detailed understanding and engagement with current and future leadership challenges.
In our experiences, businesses continue to use outdated processes, structures, systems and values in their operations that were developed during and for the industrial age. Science has continuously proven these are ineffective and not suited to the intelligence age we now operate in. The businesses have ignored the science and there is a disconnect between what businesses do and what science tells us. Given this context, our organisational development professionals have embedded the principles of psychology and neuroscience in the Diploma qualification.
The qualification is delivered in a flexible, yet robust manner and is customized to our client’s current strategy and business goals. We do this through an in-depth ‘Discovery’ session prior to the commencement of the program. The purpose of this session is to get know our client’s organisation, its systems, processes, structures, culture, challenges and strategic goals. Given this information we customise the sessions, discussions and the overall experience for our clients.
This leadership qualification has been expanded in both context and focus to ensure the management growth reflects the diverse demands of the leadership role and organisational strategy. In doing so, we challenge the status quo and mediocrity that could be operating in the business. However, these are done with the values of mutual respect, humility, empathy, courage and confidence.
The focus of our flagship qualification will drive the practical application of the leader’s enhanced leadership and management abilities towards the economic environment of the organisation, the functions of the organisation and the integrated concepts of strategy and leadership. This is further enhanced by the use of current, realistic and relevant course materials and assessments using the real world scenarios that will encourage the learners to apply, test and evaluate their analytical, leadership and management skills in the workplace. This will further their professional and personal development through action learning that is transferable to real organisations.

The job roles that suit this program include and may not be limited to:
 Senior executives
 Branch Managers
 Operations Managers
 Human Resources/Organisational Development Managers
 Anyone who has the authority and responsibility of shaping processes, systems and structures in their role