"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

Leading Effective Teams

Course Duration
1 Day
Course Start Date/s
Course Cost
$550 per student

Cohesive teams collaborate, support each other and innovate to achieve success. This can only be built on a foundation of trust and psychological safety. This course explores the contemporary concept of Tribal Leadership and how creating familial type bonds and peer accountability rockets team performance. We explore how to create more trusting relationships and to work together to achieve success.


What skills will I gain?

• How to work collaboratively with others

• The structures required to create peer accountability and teams who work autonomously

• An understanding of the biological relationship between Oxytocin production, trust and team performance

• Strategies to increase Oxytocin production


What does it cover?

• Tribal Leadership

• The biology of the brain and how it links to human behaviour

• The presentation of research linking trust and high performance

• Activities and discussion pieces to increase teamwork


Who is it for?

This course is suitable for Aspiring, Emerging and Current Leaders, Business Owners, Salespeople, Volunteers and Teammates looking to improve the performance of their team. There is an optional qualification upgrade available, please