"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein


Course Duration
1 Day
Course Start Date/s
Friday, 17 Jul 2020 (1 day)
Course Cost
$550 per student

Are you looking to motivate your team and improve performance quickly? The discipline of coaching gives Leaders and Coaches skills to empower people to elicit their own solutions rather than telling them what to do. Human beings are hardwired to seek autonomy, which is why this skill is so effective.

We explore the science behind what parts of the brain are engaged when we feel motivated and offer applicable tools to motivate our teams in the workplace.

The majority of this course is experiential. Participants will be practicing new techniques as well as giving and receiving peer feedback to improve the application of this skill acquired in the session.


What skills will I gain?


What does it cover?


Who is it for?

This course is appealing to Aspiring, Emerging and Current Leaders, Business Owners, Salespeople, Volunteers and Teammates who are looking to enhance their skills in motivating and developing themselves and others. There is an optional qualification upgrade available, please enquire for more details.