Successful organisations have a clear understanding of their purpose, where they are headed and how they will get there.

Successful businesses engage their people and customers to create a common vision for the future, with everyone on the same page.

Illuminate Group can work with you to build:

1. Organisational Strategy

We develop strategic plans that detail the pathway to the future. We work collaboratively with executive teams to build their business strategy using a wide range of contemporary frameworks.

2. Brand Strategy

It’s critical to understand how you can differentiate from competitors and what your competitive advantage is. We develop brand promises and the enabling behaviours to ensure your brand delivers consistently to your clients. We do this using insight gleaned from research and competitive analysis.

3. Brand Behaviour

Our belief is that every customer interaction is a moment of truth. We work with clients to ensure that promises made externally to customers are delivered consistently internally by their people and processes. Brand promise consistency is key to brand success.

4. Management

We work with clients to build marketing plans and strategies that position them optimally for growth. We also work with external advertising agencies to ensure creative implementation reflects the strategy behind the brand.

5. Brand Measurement

With research we can monitor brand performance both externally and internally.