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What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An EAP, or Employee Assistance Program, is a workplace benefit program designed to assist employees in resolving personal or work-related issues that may impact their well-being or job performance. The goal of an EAP is to support employees in overcoming challenges they are experiencing at work or at home, promoting their overall health and increasing productivity in the workplace. 


Our EAP services include:

  • Psychology and Counselling services¬†
  • Consulting¬†
  • Training¬†
  • Leadership and Management Coaching¬†
  • Psychometric screening¬†
  • Corporate Services

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Features and administration supports include: 

  • Face to face or telehealth sessions
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Monthly wellness brochure¬†
  • Regular contact with the employer to identify support requirements¬†
  • Marketing materials¬†
  • Face-to-Face or video conference introduction to staff

How can an EAP benefit your company?

Employee Assistance Programs can have a wide range of benefits to a workplace and it's employees including but not exclusive too: 
  • Improved productivity¬†
  • Reduction in absenteeism¬†
  • Timely and preventative intervention of staff challenges and work related stress¬†
  • Minimises staff risk profiles by having confidential and free mental health support available
  • Management support tool¬†
  • Generates a more satisfied and productive workforce if utilised¬†
  • Improves workplace safety¬†

We do not offer critical incident response services. 

Confidentiality and Privacy

With the allowance of certain exceptions described below, an EAP is a strictly confidential and private service. This ensures employees can seek support for their challenges without disclosing them to their employer.

It is important to know there are exceptions in which Psychologists and Counsellors will exercise their duty to waive confidentiality. This can occur when:

 1. The information is subpoenaed (officially requested) by a court of law 

2. Failure to disclose certain information would place them or another person at serious risk of harm

 3. Prior approval has been obtained to provide a written report to another professional or agency

 It is important as employers and leaders, to encourage staff to make use of the EAP if needed, and reassure staff that the EAP is a safe, professional and confidential service available to help them through their challenges. If a manager directly refers a staff member for EAP services, the manager will not be updated with the employees progress. 

If an organisation engages Illuminate Minds for corporate consultation, such as coaching, this changes the confidentiality slightly. Corporate Consultation has confidentiality limitations in that the referrer will be provided an overview of the services being delivered and progress reports throughout.