Corinne BrownĀ 

Senior ConsultantĀ 

Corinne is a passionate and skilled Consultant with a positive outlook and a strong set of skills as a Leadership/Results Coach, WHS Trainer, eDISC Facilitator and Trainer Assessor.

Corinne is motivated to empowering, encouraging and supporting leaders and teams to develop their skills to become the best version of themselves. Corinne is great at assisting leaders and teams build confidence and competence in their professional and personal lives.

Corinneā€™s ability to connect and engage with leaders and teams in a variety of working environments ensures an impactful learning experience enabling experience, knowledge and skills to be shared and celebrated.

As a Results Coach, Corinne has the ability to assist leaders and teams to set goals, implement strategies and work towards reaching set outcomes.

Corinne has a wide range of experience across learning and development, content writing, facilitation, presenting, coaching, mentoring and training and assessment.