Corporate Consultancy

At Illuminate we have a range of experienced Organisational Consultants and Psychologists from a variety of different industry backgrounds available to discuss your business needs.

Our approach to organisational development focuses on two fundamental principles:

  1. understanding your current situation; and
  2. employ evidence-based principles to guide you toward desirable and sustainable outcomes.

We know that to design sustainable solutions, it is paramount we take the time to understand the broader context and unique challenges faced by your organisation and its people.  In addition, we focus on identifying the unique strengths and values that exist amongst your staff, your teams and your customers.

Our business improvement solutions are practical, actionable and outcome oriented.

Illuminate can support your business with the following:

Performance Management
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive strategies and processes
  • Performance improvement coaching
  • Executive coaching


Recruitment and Retention 

Getting the right person for the job and tailoring the job to the right person


 Employee Performance Challenges
  • Coaching¬†
  • Training
  • Psychological profiling¬†¬†
Conflict Resolution
  • Training¬†
  • Coaching¬†
  • Mediation¬†
Managing Psychosocial Safety Risks
  • ¬†Data collection
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk management strategies
Leadership and Skills Development
  • program design and delivery
  • Leadership and performance coaching


Fine Tuning the Employee Experience
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies
  • Psychosocial Safety and Risk Management
  • Recruitment and Talent Retention
  • Recognition and Reward
  • Competency mapping


Leadership and Culture Diagnostics
  • LMF
  • Disc Advanced
  • Saville Wave
  • 360¬į Assessments
  • Engagement surveys


Organisational Development Strategy
  • Organisational efficiency
  • Job profiling
  • Task analysis
  • Work design and optimisation