Kiahna Page

Counsellor & Senior Consultant


Working within the mental health space at illuminate minds, Kiahna is passionate about making a difference on both individual and organisational levels. Majoring in Human Resources, she attained bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Commerce. This knowledge along with skills gained through practical experience as a volunteer counsellor makes her uniquely equipped to work with a wide range of people.

Particularly interested in the link between mental health and individuals behaviours, Kiahna looks for ways to help people understand the reasons behind their actions, by looking into existing and new tools and strategies for improving well-being. Caring and approachable, she puts people at ease quickly and provides excellent support with an ability to give fresh perspectives. Upon completing her Masters in Counselling, Kiahna aims to become a psychologist for individuals and families, eventually wanting to specialise in adolescents and children.

Since becoming a certified instructor, Kiahna regularly practices yoga for her own wellbeing as well as occasionally teaching small groups. She also loves the outdoors, enjoying camping, hiking and spending time at the beach with her beloved dog, Kovu.