Mina Hattom

Psychologist & Organisational ConsultantĀ 


Mina is a highly dedicated, determined, and integrative psychologist and consultant. She has a distinct background in organisational psychology and is passionate about tailoring best practice research and methods to suit the needs of her clients. With experience in the not-for-profit, and government sector, Mina has developed a dynamic set of skills that allow her to see organisational problems from multiple lenses and work to create solutions that are effective and practical.

Following the completion of her undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University. Mina moved to Western Australia to study, challenge herself and grow personally and professionally. Her study, and continued breadth and depth of experience and evergrowing network fuels her passion for organisational psychology and helping organisations reach their full potential. Mina is highly passionate about leading, empowering, and connecting with individuals to celebrate their strengths and identify and combat their areas for development. Most of her work centres around promoting a growth mindset to encourage people to see their failures as learning opportunities rather than a reflection of their abilities. She believes that everyone is capable of success but some just need to right tools to get them there.