Neville Smith

Principal Facilitator


Our Principal Facilitator at Illuminate with a keen interest in Human Behaviour and Team Performance. Certified in DISC, MSCEIT, Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF), and a seasoned Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Neville crafts transformative experiences for individuals and organisations.

Leadership and influence is Neville’s forte, creating those elusive lightbulb moments for his audience. Drawing from over two decades of business management and corporate training, he has steered large and small teams, even in Australia's most remote regions. Neville's communication skill, honed through delivering powerful speeches and impactful written correspondence, is widely regarded.

An advocate for dynamic, interactive, and educational training, Neville infuses passion and enthusiasm into his sessions. From community advisory groups to international mining giants, Neville has collaborated with diverse organisations, generating ideas for the benefit of all. His involvement with the Fiona Wood foundation, as well as previous volunteering with Oxfam and studies at various universities showcases his commitment to his community.

Having completed a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Language, Literacy, and Numeracy, Cert IV in Competitive Systems & Practices, a Cert III in Customer Engagement as well as a qualified Trainer & assessor Neville's commitment to ongoing learning shows.

As a previous director of two companies and a Deakin University-qualified Diploma of Management holder, Neville possesses a holistic understanding of employer responsibilities, Neville tailors his training to each client's unique needs.

Furthermore, his experience as a workplace coach, helps him to identify the unique view each person operates with, using their personal lenses to tailor an approach aligned with their preferences. Neville embodies the values of Illuminate through his ability to simplify complexities, turning the undesirables into the desirable, while guiding individuals to success.

Beyond professional accolades, Neville's experience extends to mentoring workers with disabilities, showcasing a deep commitment to inclusivity. In every endeavour, Neville Smith exhibits a blend of expertise, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to develop human behaviour and leadership.