"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

Leadership and Management

Course Duration
8 Days
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Course Objectives and Outcomes

Conscious Leadership

Leaders are the single most important factor in employee engagement, retention and productivity.

Good leaders set workplace culture allowing businesses to operate efficiently and effectively.

This cluster is designed to develop and enhance the skills and knowledge of leaders to effectively and consciously lead a team or workgroup in a work environment.

Effective communicators adapt and modify personal styles to match what they want an audience to feel and understand. They understand the impact they have on others and how to achieve optimal outcomes by bringing people along the journey.

This program explores the psychology of influence in order to embrace ideas, recommendations and deliver information persuasively to stakeholders to gain their trust and confidence.

This workshop focuses;


Operational Planning

Leaders are actively engaged in planning activities to achieve the objectives of the organisation.

The role of leadership is to provide safe, efficient and effective products and services to client satisfaction.

Leaders will learn to implement operational plans by monitoring and adjusting performance, producing short term plans, identifying and acquiring resources and providing reports on performance. 

This workshop focuses on:


Building Exceptional Teams

Leaders directly impact how well their teams work together.

Team performance is paramount in project success. This cluster provides a range of thought provoking tools for leaders to build more effective and highly performing teams.

This workshop focuses on:


Continuous and Never Ending Improvement

'Standing still equates to going backwards'.

In the VUCA age where uncertainty is rife and the goal posts continue to move, leaders need to adapt mindsets to keep up with emerging trends. Being able to access unique and novel thinking to problem solve and overcome challenges is a key skill to navigate the modern business landscape. The continuous and never-ending improvement workshop focuses on how we set the wheels in motion to continually improve alongside the constant state of flux.

This includes;